Top 27 Best Business to Start in Texas [Updated in 2022]

Do you want to start a small business in Texas? The fact is that there are many excellent small business ideas in Texas, if you live in Houston, Texas, and you feel compelled to start one of these top 27 small business ideas, you may be interested in learning more about the best business to start in Texas.

Whether you want to register or start a home-based business or a low-cost business, there are numerous ways to become an entrepreneur this year.

If you don’t have a lot of money, there are low-cost business ideas that need little or no upfront investment.

This collection includes the finest agricultural, food, and home business ideas for stay-at-home mothers, with an emphasis on the US economy.

There are profitable investment possibilities ranging from large to small to best small business ideas. To start a home-based business, choose an option that has proved to be successful in the past.

This article is a list of the top 27 small business ideas in Houston Texas that you may launch in stages. Nobody becomes wealthy by working for someone else, and the desire to start a business is the most important passion for developing your financial empire.

1. Open an organic Food Store

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Because food in the twenty-first century is increasingly laced with chemicals and harmful ingredients, and people’s lives are often unpleasant and stressful, this kind of business is a vital and forward-thinking niche.

Many individuals want for outdoors and nutritious, fresh meals.

It may be beneficial to have both a garden with fresh food and a restaurant with meals made entirely of natural and healthy ingredients.

Natural clothing, cosmetics, towels, and home furnishings are also excellent choices.

2. Theatrical Presentations

Dallas has the country’s biggest continuous arts district. It has a number of arts and theater venues.

Build a crew for theatrical performances if you have a creative spirit.

You may hire a space for an extended period of time or plan performances in various places depending on availability.

3. Content Advertising

One of the best companies to start in Texas is providing material for webmasters and administrators for brand or business promotion, sales, and advertising, as well as SEO marketing.

Freelance article writing will always satisfy the needs of a huge number of websites and blogs that are launched across the globe on a daily basis.

Don’t be shocked to learn that many individuals, even Houston students, earn thousands of dollars each month by producing blog material such as tweets, blog updates, essays, eBooks, and press releases.

4. Sports Store

The city is home to approximately six major sports leagues, showing the city’s strong sports culture.

One of the more traditional business ideas, while it requires some investment in high-quality goods, you can always operate as an affiliate for certain manufacturers; all you need is the ability to sell it.

5. Conference and Event Rental Space


Texas is home to a significant number of major corporations. In addition, numerous entrepreneurs from other states relocate their businesses to Texas.

This is due to the fact that these businesses often seek to arrange conferences, symposia, or corporate events.

AT&T, Dell, ExxonMobil, Pizza Hut, and American Airlines are examples of major businesses headquartered in Texas.

Large businesses like these need a variety of additional services, which may be a lucrative business opportunity.

6. Advertising Agency

A city with such a potential business climate requires a promising advertising platform to help the business grow by leaps and bounds.

Starting your own advertising firm may be extremely lucrative if you have creative ideas and expertise in this area.

There are many choices available to you, ranging from posters to television ads.

Choose the most practical option and get started; as your team grows, you will be able to provide additional services.

7. Event Planning Business

Festivals and large-scale events may be extremely lucrative, particularly if they draw a large number of people.

Selling concert tickets, food, snacks, beverages, and other goods, as well as renting space to shops and vendors, may all earn you a lot of money.

You may draw more people to such events by providing free attractions such as contests, lotteries, or games.

Such activities should be well publicized, particularly in the locations where they take place.

8. Supply Medical Equipment

As previously said, Dallas has numerous medical-related institutions and hospitals that need a consistent supply of equipment and kits.

Start a business that offers lower prices and a wider selection so that more consumers will come to you.

And, sure, you can always begin small by dealing in low-cost equipment initially and then selling high-priced goods as an affiliate.

9. Start a Gardening Services

Gardening services are required not just in parks and gardens, but also in a variety of other settings.

Golf courses, picnic areas, offices, and homes are just a few examples.

Obviously, this enterprise requires expertise, aesthetic sensibility, a passion of gardening, and money.

The higher the quality of your work, the more rapidly you will be in demand.

10. Business Consulting for Small Businesses

Many aspiring female entrepreneurs find it challenging to start a business on their own.

As a wealth coach, you provide top small business consulting services to business owners and managers in order to help them enhance their management styles, marketing, and returns by providing personalized personal development training.

If you have professional expertise in finance, sales, marketing, or security consulting, such services are in high demand as more investors seek assistance when they encounter difficulties in their business, particularly in terms of increasing performance and generating good outcomes.

11. Restaurant Shop


Setting up a canteen, diner, restaurant, or bakery is one of the most profitable food business ideas in Texas.

A fast-food restaurant is one method to establish a business in Houston.

Food, snacks, and drinks are food items that many people cannot live without on a regular basis.

If you can create high-quality food, this food business will guarantee that you never have to report to a supervisor again.

If you want to earn money from cooking or baking as a pastime, improve your culinary abilities.

12. provide Emergency Medical Services

Dallas is a bustling metropolis with many hospitals and medical facilities.

An ambulance that responds quickly and is well-equipped is required to transport patients to the closest hospital as soon as feasible. Invest in some ambulances to meet the city’s needs.

Make yourself available online so that customers may simply access your services.

Furthermore, you may get into a contract with emerging medical facilities and clinics to provide your skills and be compensated.

Starting a non-emergency ambulance service is very simple, and you can subsequently add an emergency service as well!

13. Computer repair and accessory sales

Setting up a business that provides this service to large companies in Texas is one of the most profitable self-employment ideas to earn money as more and more organizations continue to outsource key parts of their operations, which includes the repair of office gadgets and PCs.

You should not neglect to do a comprehensive market survey to get a complete understanding of the industry and your main rivals.

This will assist you in developing appealing pricing choices and gaining a competitive edge over current suppliers.

To obtain the most up-to-date training, use internet directories to find technical institutions that offer computer and software engineering degrees.

14. Start a Mobile Workshop

Many times, individuals have car issues when there are no service businesses to assist them.

This is where a mobile workshop comes in handy. Provide your services anywhere and at any time.

All you need are a few abilities to cope with the cars and start them.

Offering such services on a short notice may even earn you a bonus gratuity.

15. Provide Service to Elders

As individuals live longer lives and the number of elderly people in Texas grows, companies in this sector will undoubtedly be among the most lucrative business ideas in Texas.

Older individuals are often unable to function independently or have difficulty with basic tasks.

As a result, excellent business ideas for the elderly may include transportation, errands, shopping, and home delivery (particularly during a pandemic), as well as billing support services, help with gardening, housework, and dog walking, and technical aid (e.g. learning to use a smartphone and the Internet).

Older folks are a big group of individuals who are ready to pay for a variety of services and products if they know how to contact your business.

16. Invest in Entertainment Business

Attractions and distinctive locations are still in high demand in most of Texas’ major cities.

It’s the sort of thing that, when asked what’s worth seeing in, say, Austin, you reply, “You simply have to see this and that.”

There aren’t many locations like this, and establishing them in major cities is a fantastic way to start a successful business.

Many visitors will be delighted to see such locations, and there are many of them in Texas.

A riverfront restaurant with a magnificent view, balloon rides, theme parks, amusement parks, or an escape room are all examples of such businesses.

17. Start Coffee Shop

Dallas is teeming with coffee enthusiasts. Because many of them are preoccupied with work and commuting, they have little time to prepare theirs in the morning.

Furthermore, they often need a lunchtime pick-me-up to keep them going again till the end of their workday. When someone else makes the coffee, it appears to taste better.

It will be profitable to open a coffee shop in a popular neighborhood of Dallas. Increase your earnings by selling freshly baked pastries such as bagels, donuts, pretzels, cakes, cupcakes, and biscotti.

18. Courier Service Business

People who are always on the go like to have goods delivered to them. That is one of the reasons why a delivery service is such a good business concept in this big metropolis.

In regions where there are no delivery alternatives, delivery of take-out, supermarket goods, dry cleaning, and other shop items would be perfect.

All you need to get started is a passion to assist others, an entrepreneurial spirit, and a bicycle.

You can manage the business and employ some young people to perform the job if you wish to acquire a fleet of bikes.

19. Real Estate Development and Agency

In Houston, property sales and development are cash cows. Development and apartment leasing are two of the most lucrative segments of the real estate industry in this state.

Real estate investment possibilities range from residential houses to offices to other commercial and corporate facilities and need a significant financial commitment, but you will return your investment very quickly.

If you’re searching for a creative business concept with big profits, consider real estate.

20. Start a Personal Training Centre

The need for this unique business was driven by a rise in the baby boomer generation, whose main goal is to live a long life, as well as widespread instances of childhood obesity.

Personal trainers in Texas may earn a decent living by working with fitness centers, visiting customers at their homes, or opening their own facilities.

The Federal Association of Professional Trainers in your area will provide you with essential information on certification, insurance, and marketing for this beginner’s business idea.

Additional initiatives may be enrolled in to guarantee that your brand stands out.

21. Mobile Restaurant

What is the operation of a mobile restaurant? First, you buy the right vehicle, such as a food truck, and then you park it in a popular area to offer food and drinks to hardworking people, college students, and visitors.

You must also be able to cook properly so that people would return since your cuisine is so delicious.

Finally, take into account the equipment. Portable cooking stoves, industrial ice machines, culinary equipment, and other items will be required.

What’s the greatest part about a mobile restaurant? If your current location isn’t generating the income you’re looking for, you may relocate.

22. Become a Social Media Consultant

If you already spend a lot of time on social media and know how to acquire likes and views, you’re already ahead of the game.

You don’t need any special schooling unless you’re unfamiliar with social networking.

If you are already skilled at social media marketing, there is no investment required, but there is a lot of profit to be made.

Otherwise, if you want to become a social media consultant or manager, you need invest in some training to learn what it takes to produce material that is appealing to an audience.

23. Laundry Services

Dallas, Texas is another lucrative cleaning business that needs very little starting money.

If you choose the incorrect location for your business, it may fail. Purchase the required washing equipment and locate your business in a visible location.

Community marketing is critical since you will be relying on referrals and word-of-mouth marketing to maintain sales of the laundry services you provide.

If you want to pursue this great business opportunity for the long haul, quality is non-negotiable.

25. Limousine Service

As previously said, Dallas is a popular destination for conferences, business meetings, seminars, symposiums, and other similar events.

Traveling through Dallas on business for high-profile business executives need transportation, but not just any transit. They want a chauffeur to be available at all times.

To begin, hiring a vehicle may help you save money. You may also opt not to hire or purchase limousines and instead use regular vehicles, vans, or SUVs for your service.

It is worth the cost only to transport passengers to and from the airport.

25. Invest The Pet Industry

If you’ve ever been to Houston, you’ll notice that many individuals keep tiny animals as pets.

If you have a soft spot for animals and like caring for them and seeing that they are pain-free, you may turn your love into a profitable business.

Animal enthusiasts may establish a pet-sitting, pet-walking, pet grooming, or pet breeding business, or invest in the selling, distribution, and manufacturing of pet food and supplements.

One of the growing companies one may establish in Houston is the petcare business.

26. Waste Management and Recycling business

This business has the potential to be a highly profitable venture.

Metals, plastics, glass, printer cartridges, electronic garbage, and many more niches exist. The majority of them have the potential to generate substantial revenues.

Producing biofuels and humus from compost and biomass may also be a smart idea.

27. Web Design and Development

The internet is one phenomena that has mostly gone unexplored in terms of educational possibilities throughout the years.

Website owners increasingly want blogs and forums with a distinct character, requiring a reluctance to utilize prefabricated templates and scripts for website development.

DIY websites are no longer popular owing to inadequate customizable features, which are influenced by a variety of variables that affect SEO these days.

Many individuals have mobile-friendly isle websites with features that are easily responsive.

Web design and development is a profitable career-based business concept that may help you financially stand out from the crowd.

Good marketing abilities, on the other hand, are critical to the success of this business.

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